Adult Classes

  • Big Lake Community Education offers more than 50 classes throughout the year to our community's adults. Classes offer opportunities for adults to improve their knowledge base, explore new interests, gain new skills and make new connections! Categories of classes offered include:

    • Enrichment - from learning how to plan for retirement to tips for growing a garden, these classes offer a variety of options to gain knowledge and explore new interests
    • Fitness - get your body moving in our fitness classes available for every fitness level
    • Trips - have you dreamed of taking a vacation where all of the planning is done for you? Check out our guide-led trips around the world
    • Adult Basic Education - this is a free program for adults 17+ years old who are not enrolled in high school and who need assistance improving basic academic skills, learning English as a Second Language, or studying to pass a GED test - get more details in our class catalog or call the Community Education office
    • Adults with Disabilities - this program, called Opening Doors, is offered through Buffalo Community Education for people with a disability who are 16 years old or older; registration is handled by Buffalo Community Education

    Classes Available for Registration

    Classes available for registration are listed in our Community Education Catalog that is mailed to 55309 zip codes four times a year - in late August, early December, early March and mid-April. Classes are also listed on our registration website. 


    The quickest and easiest way to register for classes is online through our Community Education registration website, Eleyo. We also offer registration via phone, in-person or through the mail. If you don't already have an Eleyo account, you will want to create an account and add all household members before starting the class registration process. You may also want to read through our class policies and procedures